The Hazleton Area Public Library, along with all other libraries in the Luzerne County Library System, is dedicated to providing free access to digital materials, including eBooks and eAudiobooks. However, our ability to connect patrons to digital materials is being threatened. On August 1st Blackstone Publishing embargoed eAudiobook titles from purchase by public libraries for three months after their release date.

On November 1st Macmillan Publishing, one of the country’s biggest publishers, launched a library eBook embargo; for the first eight weeks after publication public libraries are limited to purchasing a single copy of a new eBook. The Hazleton Area Public Library, along with libraries across the country, is demanding that Macmillan reverse this policy so that we can continue to meet our readers’ needs. In opposition of this restriction, the Luzerne County Library System is boycotting Macmillan eBooks for six months, effective November 1st. During this time, no new Macmillan eBooks will be added to our digital collection.

The Luzerne County Library System will continue to purchase Blackstone & Macmillan products in other formats that are not impacted by the embargos. The system will continue to add new eBook & eAudiobook content to the digital collection, choosing items from other publishers. Previously published Macmillan eBooks and Blackstone eAudiobooks already in the digital collection will not be affected.

We encourage you to stand with us and work toward a more just outcome for the greater reading community. Join thousands of readers who have already added their names to a petition launched by the American Library Association at